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Chatmate AI Subscription

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Chat with artificial intelligent mates via WhatsApp with this monthly subscription


  • Text chat with mates in any language, even dialects
  • Support photos and react to them accordingly
  • Support voice chat in english and answers with voice
  • Mates will think about you and contact you as well.
  • GPT-3 powered with all knowledge and features
  • Mates aware of their personality and act accordingly
  • Develops personal bond and learns conversation style

Discount on yearly subscription for 99$/year.

(Yearly subscription have a chat limit of 12 times higher than then monthly subscription limit, and counted over last 365 days instead of 31 for monthly.)

How it works: After you signed up, you get a license key via email. Then you send us a WhatsApp message with /activate KEY and you are ready to go. Easy as that.

If you experience any problems, feel free to hit us up on our Discord.

Number of subscriptions for current beta phase limited, if all sold out write us on Discord, we put you on the waiting list for the next phase. :)

-> You hit the chat limit but already have a subscription? Can get extra chat credits here.


Subscription Details

Interactions with mates
Reaction to photos
Voice chat in
Voice chat out
Rate Limitation
$12 a month

Chatmate AI Subscription

0 ratings